Concert Saturday 11 August 2018

Chœur basque Oldarra
The Male Choir OLDARRA

Male Choir of 25 voices from the Basque Country



SATURDAY 11 august – 20:30



Program :

Jauna dut Artzain, Olaizola
Gizonak balaki, I.Urtizberea
Aurtxo ttikia, Traditionnel
Iru abestiak (4), Traditionnel
Maite miña, Bastida
Liauba, Bovet
Suite russe, Traditionnels russes
Sorgin dantza, Mokoroa
Lau andren pesta, Traditionnel (arrangement Zubizarreta)


Iru abestiak 3, Suite traditionnelle
Iru abestiak 2, Suite traditionnelle
Beti eskama kentzen, Bastida
Arraunean, Traditionnel
Kanta berri, Zorozabal
Deep River, Negro spirituel traditionnel
La aurora, Habanera traitionnelle
Iru abestiak 5, Suite traditionnelle
Ai Mari migel, Juan Urteaga.



Known as the best Basque choir ever, Oldarra spreads the traditional songs and culture of the Basque Country from over 70 years now.

Settled in Biarritz and led by Iñaki Urtizberea, the choir performs in many local and international stages, extracting from its song books profane or holy Basque songs, but also playing classical pieces and melodies from around the world.

Created by Basque refugies, after the Spanish civil war, OLDARRA, from the start, has been developped in the heart of Biarritz Basque culture, and is issued from a centenary patrimony.

Singing and dancing has enabled us to perpetuate united spirit and the solidarity that animated the founders of the group.

It performs polyphonic pieces a capella, either religious or profane. At the beginning, only in Basque language, but today pieces from all over the world are part of the concerts.

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